The Pros And Cons Of Getting Your Nose Done


Nose, this tiny, little part of your face plays a significant role in your life and why you still exist in many years now. Your nose is the medium of breathing the air that is vital in our existence as humans. Some may have it normal, some may not. This is the most center of your facial features that is easily noticed when someone looks at you directly. There are people that are happy and contented with their nose, and there are also some that are suffering from its negative issues such as bullying, health conditions, and aesthetical problems.

No matter what the nosey issue is, people may tend to have their nose job done with a rhinoplasty surgery, this is so trendy that a lot of people are getting fond of it in all corners of the world. These people are enjoying much from the results to their lives brought to them by the surgery such as having a more balanced and proportioned facial features. This surgery bases the nose’s shape with the measurement of the entire face. Thus, this will have a pleasant effect eliminating any distracting and annoying factors that is losing your self-confidence.s

Having a proportion features will give you that confidence to face the world without any hesitation and doubt that you will be disliked. You will feel the boosting self- confidence unlike before that you are just sinking in your comfort shell and afraid to show to the world your potential beauty. You will have the reason to celebrate life for the renewed you.

dr-marcells-primary-rhinoplasty-julianHealth benefits are one of the most essential part of having this surgery. If you are just after the aesthetics, so these health benefits are just a bunch of bonuses for you. Having a normal breathing free from any congestion will free you from sleepless nights suffering from distractions on your normal breathing process. These are the pros of having a Rhinoplasty surgery.

Now, here are the cons that will make you realize that you have to  take things seriously in giving your body these instant changes, and of course, your life itself. Aside from the  beneficial factors that this surgery will give to you, you must also consider all the consequences, may be light yet will affect you too just the same as with the benefits most especially in terms of financial matter. A single surgery may have just a little progress in giving your nose  a better look, so there will be required to have a follow up surgery that may hurt your budget. You will actually be informed about this as soon as you talk to your surgeon. This is for you to prepare for any other follow up processes that are needed to be done to achieve the desired shape of your nose.

Aside from this additional surgery, you will then expect to feel a thinner form of skin and flesh on your nose that will require you much time to adjust for any discomfort it may bring. This will heal in no time anyway. Most importantly, is the psychological effect of this surgery. Good for you if you will be satisfied yet if not, there will be a chance for you to get disappointed and some developed it to some sort of depression. So before anything else, you must be properly aware of the things that you are getting into. Truly, beauty has the price to pay, so get ready to pay for it and gain from it. Think twice yet, think nice, get that look that will satisfy your eyes.

Rhinoplasty – The Solution For Balancing Your Face

If you are unhappy about the shape of your nose, you are not alone. A lot of people today are not satisfied with the way their noses look. The nose sits smack in the middle of the face, and this may explain why a lot of attention is directed at the nose. You may be one of those who have been unhappy with their nose from birth, or you feel that your nose has changed with time. You might also be among those who simply want to breathe better on top of having a more attractive nose. Whatever the case, Dr Tavakoli is well placed to handle your nose surgery to give you the very best results.

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Nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is surgery of the nose – it involves the plastic surgeon making cuts inside the nose to access the cartilage and bone. The surgeon may also cut the skin between the nostrils and then rearrange, expand or reduce the nose to give it a new shape. If an area of the nose is too large, the cartilage can be molded to reduce the size. On the other hand, the surgeon can increase a part of the nose that looks too small by adding soft tissue or cartilage to that area.

Once the required shape has been achieved, the bone and cartilage are covered with the nose tissues, and the surgeon closes the incisions. Usually, the surgeon will put a plastic splint on the nose so that the new shape of the nose is kept intact during the healing process. The splint also helps to reduce swelling. The surgeon will put some soft material inside the nose or may use nasal supports that are very soft to give the nose stability.

Achievements of rhinoplasty

A nose surgery can address many nose problems, including changing the size of the nose for facial balance. Bumps or depressions on the bridge of the nose can be removed and a projection at the tip of the nose can either be increased or decreased. The bones of the nose can also be rearranged to straighten a crooked nose. The nostrils can also be narrowed down, and a deviated septum can be straightened, which enables the patient to breathe more easily.

Post surgery

If you have had nose surgery, you may not experience much pain, though you may not be able to breathe through the nose very well the first few days. The limited breathing is usually due to swellings in the nose, but these reduce as healing takes place. You may have some swelling around the eyes and may feel as if the entire face is swollen.

Keeping your face in an upward position can help reduce the swelling, and you should avoid blowing the nose. You should also keep away from excessive activity to reduce risk of injury to the nose. Keep in mind that your surgeon will give you very specific instructions that you must follow after the surgery to ensure that the recovery process is quick.